xEsoView is a file viewer for EnergyPlus .eso output files which gives the user a very fast overview of the simulation results. xEsoView uses the Qwt extension of the Qt toolkit from Trolltech Inc.

xEsoView shows all reported variable names in a list, which can be sorted and filtered, on the left hand side. On the right hand side it shows the graphical representation of the selected variable. The time axis can be changed using predefined ranges (hour, day, week, month, total) but xEsoView supports also zooming. With a selection box you can switch between the available environments, e.g. summer design day and run-period. A simple CTRL+C copies the variable data to the clipboard. So you can easily CTRL+paste the data into your favorite spreadsheet program for further analysis.


Latest release 0.3.2





IF EXIST test.mvi DEL test.mvi
IF EXIST expandedidf.err DEL expandedidf.err

: 9. Start xEsoView.
Echo Starting xEsoView
IF EXIST "%epout%.eso" start C:\Programme\xEsoView\xEsoView.exe "%epout%.eso"

:if %pausing%==Y pause
: Finished


Christian Schiefer, Vienna, Austria

Feedback is welcome and can be sent to me.

Last update 2006-11-19